NDE Volunteer Coordinator - Job Opportunity

POSITION TITLE: Volunteer Coordinator

POSITION TYPE: This is a salaried, month-to-month, part-time contract position based in the Las Vegas area. Hours will vary according to needs of the organization but be approximately 40 hours per month. The Volunteer Coordinator would primarily work from home, with some Nevada Desert Experience (NDE) Office time. The Volunteer Coordinator will also work during our NDE events at various locations in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. The Volunteer Coordinator reports to a designated NDE Council member and works closely with the NDE co-Office Managers.

ABOUT NDE: Since 1982, NDE has strengthened U.S. and global security by stopping the further development and testing of nuclear weapons. Please see our website at NevadaDesertExperience.org . Our mission is faith-based nonviolent resistance to nuclear weapons and war.

SUMMARY: The Volunteer Coordinator will carry on in the long tradition of NDE, and will be focusing on the ongoing works of war at the Nevada National Security Site, and at other Southern Nevada military sites like Nellis AFB and Creech AFB.

The Volunteer Coordinator will build and maintain relationships with NDE supporters, organizations with common goals, local groups, and community leaders.

The applicant will be involved in our social media communication, promoting participation in events, volunteer recruitment and enrichment, NDE event coordination collaboration, some limited officework, and modest fundraising.


  • Social media

  • Volunteer recruitment

  • Event coordination

  • Office work


* Develop written information for outreach campaigns, including flyers, fact sheets, newsletter articles; conduct community presentations

* Develop social media and web content as an outreach campaign

* Conduct outreach, including, workshops and issue trainings during NDE events to educate participants about environmental justice, hazards of radiation

* Build community-based leadership through public speaking, letter writing, advocacy, media

* Speak, table, and participate in relevant community events

* Attend the NDE Council twice yearly meetings, participate in Events Committee meetings, assist in coordinating the events of our organization

* Other duties as assigned

* Strong commitment to NDE's mission and goals

* Strong written and verbal communication skills; able to work with diverse constituencies

* Able to work as part of a team on some occasions and with limited supervision on others

* Proficiency with common tools for word processing, email, and common social media platforms

* Ability and willingness to occasionally travel as position requires a flexible schedule to accommodate outreach opportunities including some evening and weekend hours. Of note, our primary event is an annual six-day campout peacewalk following a 60 mile route.

* At least one-year minimum of community organizing or equivalent experience

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Background in communication, media, history, environmental science, social science, or another relevant field

COMPENSATION: Pay is month to month contract work at $1200/month. Event work travel is compensated as well as outreach travel. Four weeks paid vacation with the scheduled vacation times not during the NDE event calendar.

DEADLINE: To be determined

HOW TO APPLY: Email your resume, three professional references, and a writing sample of 1- 3 pages. Your writing sample may be one part of a longer piece, an essay, or anything else you have already written on any topic.

SEND PACKET BY EMAIL TO: rkmlai@NevadaDesertExperience.org. Your application packet can also be sent by postal mail to: Nevada Desert Experience, 1420 W Bartlett Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89106.

If you would like to help inspire people of faith, justice and peace to focus positive energy against nuclear violence at the NNSS and against drone violence at Creech AFB, then let us know!