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NDE T-Shirts

The new-style SPW T-shirt is available--in multiple sizes of largeness!
These SPW shirts are available in only one color (traffic day-glo orange), with the purple logo for the Sacred Peace Walk. The shirts shown below are the OLD-style format in LIMITED SUPPLY

Front & Back

Shirts are available in kelly green or purple and in adult sizes: S, M, L.
Please specify your size and color choice on the Paypal donation screen.

Make a Donation, Have a T-Shirt:
For international shipping, please add $10.

(more details on the shirt)


Walking the Ways of Peace MUSIC

Make a Donation; Have this CD:
For International shipping, please add $5.

(more details on the disc)


NDE Movie

Distributed via Trinity Nuclear Abolition

This and other movies are available in the creative commons of video streams on-line.
For people with limited internet access, please contact NDE for a copy of DVD via mail.

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For international shipping, please add $10.



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Send a check to:

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