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Nagasaki Day
August Desert Witness 2013
Friday, August 9, 7 to 8:30 am
Outside the main gate to Nellis Air Force


We stood on the corner of Craig and Las Vegas Blvds. at the entrance to the feeder road to the main gate or in the designated protest area the base is setting up somewhere nearby.

Although the government doesn't confirm or deny the presence of nuclear weapons anywhere, it is widely known that Nellis Air Force Base has bunkers that have been used for nuclear weapons. According to the Federation of American Scientists nuclear weapons expert Hans Kristensen, Nellis's Area 2 bunkers have more nukes than only two or three other places on the entire planet. Many may be awaiting transfer to Pantex, Texas to be dismantled. The B-61 bombs that are there however, may or may not be destined for that relatively positive fate.

The federal budget for nuclear weapon dismantlement has been severely decreased at the same time that funds for life extension enhancements for the B-61 continue to skyrocket. These trends fly in the face of our national obligation to lead the way towards global nuclear disarmament.

Nevada Desert Experience is committed to a nonviolent campaign of change. Our work seeks to connect issues and humanize the many victims of nuclear testing and war-making. A peaceful paradigm will only come into its fullness when we make love our first motion.

Media Alert

Las Vegas Review-Journal Video: Activists protest on anniversary of Nagasaki bombing

The 2014 Pacific Life Community (PLC) gathering will be held in Las Vegas March 7th-9th with a proposed demonstration at Nellis on Monday, March 10th.


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