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- Nuclear Waste & Yucca Mountain -

Yucca Mountain Project Chronology | Recent News | More Links on the YMP

Follow developments around the alleged shipments of very radioactive, very dangerous U233 waste the DOE is beginning to ship to shallow trenches in Area 5 at the NTS/NNSS.

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Yucca Mountain Chronology

A brief chronology on the federal government's plans, and Nevada's fight against, the development of a national nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.

1957 - Congress passes the Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act in order to convince public sector to risk public health by claiming the US Govt. will clean up all the nuclear waste troubles forever. The love affair with radiation cuts deeper...

1982 - Congress orders development of a permanent national disposal site for waste from commercial nuclear power reactors.

1986 - Government pledges to take responsibility for commercial high-level nuclear wastes from commercial power plants by 1998 and narrows potential sites to Nevada, Texas and Washington state.

1987 - Congress designates Yucca Mountain in Nevada as the only site to be considered for permanent waste disposal.

1989 - Completion of a site is delayed until 2010, missing the 1998 deadline.

1994 - Utilities sue the Energy Department for violating its contractual obligation to accept waste by 1998.

1995 - Federal court rules in favor of utilities and says government is liable for damages for not meeting deadline. Decision on extent of liability still is pending.

2001 - Interim Energy Department report finds no "showstoppers" in scientific review of Yucca Mountain site. Estimated cost for construction, operation and monitoring over 100 years is put at $58 billion.

2002 (January) - Energy Department concludes Yucca Mountain ``scientifically sound ... technically suitable'' for waste storage and approval to be recommended to the president.

2002 (April) - Governor Kenny Guinn of Nevada issues Notice of Disapproval of the designation of Yucca Mountain in Nevada as the site for the nation’s high- level nuclear waste repository. The notice says in part: "The Department of Energy has so compromised this project through years of mismanagement that Congress should have
no confidence in any representation made by DOE about either its purpose or its safety."

2002 (July) - US House of Representatives and Senate votes for and President Bush signs into law a bill overriding Nevada's veto of nuclear waste shipments. Nevada leaders vow unity and continued fight.

2005 - Government renews Price-Anderson Act for the next 20 years, furthering the irresponsibility of nuclear power utility companies.

2007 (March) Energy Department makes legislative push for Yucca nuclear dump Associated Press

2010 (March) - Yucca Mountain foes hail historic step to kill nuclear waste depository Las Vegas Sun

2011 (April) - An Act of Congress kills funding for YMP, But allegedly for "political" rather than scientific reasons.

2013 (November) - Commision Sets Path Forward on Yucca Mountain US Nuclear Regulatory Commisison

2014 (October) - Phase Two Begins To Make Nevada A Wasteland

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  • Nevada seeks united front against Yucca Mountain Project
    Utah's 'thrown us under the bus,' official says
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    Salt Lake Tribune, March 17th article republished by Deseret News, March 22nd
  • Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's Top Ten Reasons to Oppose
    the DoE's Yucca Mountain Project

    by David Krieger and Marissa Zubia
    Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, August 23, 2002

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