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Desert Voices Vol 5, Number 1
Winter 1992
Congress Considers Nuclear Weapons Testing Moratorium
What Yo Can Do to Stop nuclear Testing NOW!
Mary Lehman Leaving NDE
Announcing an Importnat New Video no the Global Campaign to End Nuclear Testing
Lenten Desert Experience XI - Healing the Earth -- Healing Ourselves
Is the Radiation at the Test SIte Dangerous?
Healing Global Wounds
Kudos to Anne
Chris Dempster Cherrington: October 3, 1952 - December 1, 1991 by Anne Symens-Bucher

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Desert Voices Vol 5, Number 2
Summer 1992

NDE Field Director Sows Grassroot Seeds for CTBT
A Modern Fairy Tale by Peter Ediger
Assissi and Las Vegas by Hermann Schaluck
Bells of Reconciliation: August Desert Witness VIII
Five Minus Five, or Five Plus Twenty: The Algebra of Nuclear Proliferation
The Cold War's End Adds Urgency For a Comprehensive Test Ban
A Call to the Churches: It's Time for a Nuclear Weapons Testing Ban
Action Plan for an End to Nuclear Weapons Testing
Healing Global Wounds Indigenous Forum and Ceremony

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Desert Voices Vol 5, Number 3
December 1992

Countdown '93
Healing Global Wounds
A Pause for Celebration
Long Time Staffer Peter Ediger Leaves NDE
Peace Pilgrimage Organizer Frits ter Kuile Becomes NDE's Las Vegas Coordinator
Stop Testing Campaign Update
Desert Oasis for Peace

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