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Desert Voices Vol 11, Number 1
Winter 1998
150 Arrested at the Nevada Nuclear Weapons Test Site: 300 Celebrate Dorothy Day's Legacy by Robert Holmes
Comments on Dorothy Day's 100th Birthday
Passive Resistance by Enid Shomer
Lenten Desert Experience XVII: What Did You Go Out Into the Desert to See? & Retreat with Joanna Macy - Poster

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Desert Voices Vol 11, Number 2
Summer 1998

Three Nations Currently testing Nuclear Weapons: U.S., India & Pakistan; Stop Testing! by Louie Vitale, OFM
Their Ten Bombs Worse Than Our 10,000? by John LaForge
Millenium 2000: Walking the Ways of Peace
Alive and in Concert: Jesse Manibusan!
August Desert Witness 1998 - In Their Memory: From Violence to Wholeness - poster

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Desert Voices Vol 11, Number 3
December 1998

Vatican U.N. Representative Archbishop Renato Martino: Nuclear Weapons "Grave Danger to Humanity" by David Buer, OFM
U.S. Tests Nuclear Bomb
August Desert Witness 1998
New Nevada Desert Experience Mission Statement
Healing Global Wounds presents: Come to "Love Your Mother" 1999
Lenten Desert Experience XVIII: One Step, Then Another

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