Hiring an Outreach Director

NDE has hired an Outreach Director


POSITION TITLE: Outreach Director

POSITION TYPE: Contract part-time work at an average of 5 hours per week. The position has the potential to become fuller part-time work in the future. The position is mobile with some time at Nevada Desert Experience's (NDE's) Office in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The individual holding this position is responsible for programmatic outreach beyond the Las Vegas, NV, area regarding broad NDE issues such as environmentalist prayer activities in the Mojave Desert, the ongoing activities at the Nevada National Security Site, military activities in Southern Nevada specifically at Nellis AFB and at Creech AFB, site of drone warfare, and the progress of activities at the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository.

The Outreach Director conducts targeted outreach at schools in their bioregion, and general outreach in states that have a stake in what happens in Nevada. She will build and maintain relationships organizations, and religious leaders to increase participation in our events in Nevada. This position is intended to be supportive and complementary to the current NDE Event Coordinator position.

The person holding this position reports directly to NDEs' Council, receiving guidance and training from the Councilors as well as the Office Managers (currently Ming and Laura-Marie), and the Event Coordinator (currently Robert Majors).