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- Complete Sacred Peace Walk Snapshots -
18-24 March 2008


Sacred Peace Walkers pray @ M.L.K. Statue @ 8:15am on March 18th 2008

The Walk BEGINS: 8:40AM on March 18th

Robin & Kaaren @ 1 mile into the SPW


Taking a break on Ann Road; 6 miles into the SPW

Friendly Officer Lise checks in on the walkers

Sacred Peace Walkers CAMP on March 18th

Start "Day 2" with a morning fire--March 19th 2008

Honor the offspring of tumbleweeds!

Revolution Prayer; Number Nine

Arriving at tomorrow's camp TODAY.

IngriDortha stuck in the sand; Human Power to the RESCUE!

Dinner by Mr. Mario---WOW--veggie lasagne!

Wild Kelley in contemplative mode

Check out the BLOOMIN' desert: Day 3 Begins

12 people on the walk today

Taking a break at Mile Post 114

Release the prisoners!

The moon rises nearly full a day early @ the Temple of Sekhmet

Day 4: A newcomer chooses Kelley; we name him "Paz Tikkun"

Some man in the P.T. Cruizer told the Walkers to keep the pup. We call the cops.

Creech Air Force Base is a scary place, but the SPW remains undaunted.

What's up w/ the water in Indian Springs?

Jon, Robin & Sarah arrive @ the Goddess Temple

Jon finds an ancient recording of Mr. Testosterone.

Stand Up, Make a Choice; create a world WITHOUT nuclear threats! All together, we are strong now, BREAK the nuclear chain!

Nuclear Stations of the Cross

Nuclear Stations of the Cross

Pit Crew for bodywork!

See how those Sacred Peace Walkers love each other!

Hooray for Lyla & Jessie--hooray for Food Not Bombs!

Dinner and a meeting to create more fun for Easter tomorrow

Walking The Ways of Peace on Easter Sunday morning

Arriving where Nye County forces are ready to greet!

Going under the freeway cement bridges

Mass @ NTS Mercury Exit

Procession to the White Line

A canine, Peace Walkers, Priests & "Jesus of Nazareth" ready to cross the line...


Freed from his Cross, Jesus is liberated--Nuclear Violence is ENDED!




On Easter Sunday, 12 women & 8 men were "arrested" by Nye County officers & Wackenhut Security folk. All were released rapidly with the standard $330.oo ticket for trespassing. Most held Western Shoshone Permits to be there, and one Western Shoshone woman (Darlene of PooHaBa) naturally had every right to be there. Therefore, NDE participants and the Western Shoshone understood the "arrests" to be false and without any legal weight whatsoever.

Final Direct Action--Easter Monday

An interlude of happy broadway showtunes from Oklahoma, etc.


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