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"Ground The Drones"

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Outside Creech Air Force Base on April 5

Stand Up, Make a Choice; create a world WITHOUT nuclear threats! All together, we are strong now, BREAK the nuclear chain!

See Creech 14 UPDATES over a year LATER. See The SCOOP on the drone campaign.


Altar before Mass

Prior to Mass, before the vigillers arrive on Palm Sunday



Palm Sunday 2009: Day 5 of Creech vigils, including counter-demonstrating children at the sign in the background.

Louis Vitale and Brian Terrell on April 4

Fr. Louis Vitale of San Francisco & Brian Terrell of Malloy, IA

Palm Sunday Procession

Palm Sunday procession prior to Mass; 11:00 am April 5th.

Rene Espeland called the Creech AFB security office to assert public rights to be on the right-of-way along the side of U.S. Highway 95. Air Force security officers later apologized for the error in their prior directives.

Palm Sunday Hand-Washing Ceremony, with Rene, Louis, Jerry, Judy & Gene.

Cleansing and purifying oneself prior to deeper prayer...

Following Indigenous traditions, Willie and Andrea help participants (including Bishop Dan Edwards and Peace Walkers) prepare and purify themselves.



Fr. Steve Kelly, sj encourages more prayer.

Mervyn, Andrea and Jim listen as Fr. Steve calls the group to further prayers.

Jim Haber focuses the group for a Passover Seder to begin Day 3.

The Passover Seder continues.

Brad Lyttle reads a portion of the Rabbi Arthur Waskow haggadah for Wednesday's Passover Seder.

Jeff Leys speaks about the significance of the White Rose activists to this date in history.

Louis Vitale (ofm), Jerry Zawada (ofm) & Brad Lyttle under arrest.

Eric, Eunice & Des on Holy Thursday.

Des, Willi, Eunice, Mervin, Matt, Emma, Eric & Andrea on Day 3 of the Sacred Peace Walk.

Just before dinner, think about something more enjoyable than UAVs.

Claudia Peterson tells her story on Good Friday 2009.

Students from Prescott College and other Sacred Peace Walkers take a final break, 1 mile from the Mercury exit.

Johnnie Bobb & Darlene Graham bless the Sacred Peace Walkers.

Released from Jail, 11 of the Creech 14 are seen here. All 14 were freed, for about a year...

The fourteen who were arrested are:
John Dear, S.J.; Dennis DuVall; Renee Espeland; Judy Homanich; Kathy Kelly; Fr. Steve Kelly; Mariah Klusmire; Brad Lyttle; Libby Pappalardo; Megan Rice, SHCJ; Brian Terrell; Eve Tetaz; Fr. Louie Vitale; and Fr. Jerry Zawada.

See UPDATES on the Case of the Creech 14.


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