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- 2010 Sacred Peace Walk Schedule -

March 29 - April 4
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Schedule is a work in progress and subject to change.
March 29
0 miles Las Vegas

The day's activities are at the Las Vegas Catholic Worker

12:00 Lunch
2:00 PM Orientation
6:00 PM: Dinner and Passover Seder

The Jewish holiday of Passover begins at sundown on March 29

"Peace-over Seder" includes dinner. RSVP needed to make proper amount of food and place settings.

March 30

8:30 AM: Walk from Martin Luther King Statue to intersection of US 95 & State Hwy 157, Mile Post 92.36 (about 14 miles)

Sleep at Hwy 157 junction (at least 100 feet from the road). This first three days of walking are long---urban conditions on day one and more miles than most of us usually walk, though not so rough given the terrain. 8:00 AM: Dedication and Send Off for the Walkers at the statue of MLK at the corner of N. MLK Blvd. and Carey Blvd., 2432 N Martin L King Blvd., North Las Vegas
March 31

8:00 AM: Walk from
Hwy 157, Mile Post 92 to Hwy 156, Mile Post 106 (almost 14 miles)

Sleep at Hwy 156 junction (at least 100 feet from US-95)


April 1

8:00 AM: Walk from Hwy 156, Mile Post 106 to Indian Springs Motel (14 miles) or to Cactus Springs, Temple of Goddess Spirituality Mile Post 123 (17 miles)

Cactus Springs, Temple of Goddess Spirituality or @ Indian Springs Motel

Holy Thursday Foot Washing facilitated by Br. David Buer ofm

(after setting up camp for the night, before dinner and evening program)

7:00 PM: Gather,
7:30: Ritual of Peace, Forgiveness and Healing:
at Cactus Springs, Temple of Goddess Spirituality

Ritual leaders include Sekhmet Temple High Priestess Candace Ross, Poet and Priestess T. Thorn Coyle, Alchemical Fire Mistress Abigail Spinner McBride, and Jewish Wiccan Catholic Worker Jim Haber

April 2
8:00 AM: Walk from Goddess Temple back to Indian Springs, or
9:30 AM: shuttle from Temple

Day of rest (as far as walking goes--only 3 miles between Cacuts Springs & Indian Springs) or after lunch, make up walking so people are ready to step off together on Saturday morning from Cactus Springs

Cactus Springs, Temple of Goddess Spirituality or @ Indian Springs Motel

Some additional forms of Civil Resistance to the Unmanned Aerial Systems at Creech may follow the 10 am rally and Good Friday Service

In the afternoon, if some walkers utilized the shuttles previously, you can return to your last stopping point and walk some more.

NOTE: Lunch, Discussion Groups, Dinner and Chanting are all at the Indian Springs Community Center

10 AM: Good Friday, at Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs including the NO MORE WAR VICTIMS Stations of the Cross Re-enactment

12:00 PM: Lunch and Discussion time at Indian Springs Comm. Cen.

7:00 PM: Kirtan and other devotional chanting led by Priestess and Poet T. Thorn Coyle with drummer and anthropologist Joshua Levin at Indian Springs Comm. Cen.

April 3
8:00 AM: Walk from Cactus Springs to Peace Camp across from Mercury (15.5 miles)

on west side of Hwy 95 at Mercury exit (just N. of NYE Co. Mile Post 5)

Late-Afternoon Arrival at Peace Camp across from the Mercury Exit Welcoming Ritual with Johnnie Bobb of the Western Shoshone National Council
April 4
0.3 miles between Peace Camp & White Line Peace Camp: OPTIONAL Civil Resistance to nuclearism may follow the Easter Mass, which follows breakfast (approx. 8:45 am), which follows Sunrise Ceremony.

6:15 am (approx.): Sunrise Ceremony (led by Johnnie Bobb, Yomba Western Shoshone); on Notrh side of Hwy 95.

10:00 am: Easter Mass
with Br. David Buer ofm followed by civil resistance to nuclear weapons development at the Nevada Test Site

April 5


As Needed As Needed Two simultaneous vigils for PEACE, one at the site of nuclear terrorism, the other at the site of drone terrorism. 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM:
At the gates to Creech AFB and the NTS, simultaneously.


Be prepared for a variety of temperatures and weather conditions. It usually rains at some point during such pilgrimages (but only for less than a day in this Great Basin Desert).

  • hiking boots
  • sunscreen
  • hat(s): brims-good against sun; straps-good against wind; stocking caps-good against cold
  • rain gear
  • jacket
  • sleeping bag
  • cup, utensils, plate (some plasticware is available, if you have issues eating hot food in plastic, bring your own bowl & mug)
  • trail mix and other snacks you'll need and that you'd like to share (though we'll have some too)
  • tent
  • first aid including "moleskin" for walking blisters
  • durable water bottle
  • flashlight

Resources for Peacewalkers:
Tell a Friend e-mail
Online Donation Page
Registration Form (PDF / Word)
Map of Peace Walk Route (PDF)
Peacewalk Background Packet (PDF)
Sample Fundraising Letter for Peacewalkers (PDF)
Fundraiser Sheet (PDF / Word)
SPW Flyers (PDF)

Driving Directions to Peace Camp:
Take Hwy 95 North out of Las Vegas. 65 miles out of town you will see the Mercury exit (after Indian Springs and Cactus Springs). Take the Mercury exit, then, as soon as you can, make a U-turn and drive under the freeway, to the south (if you don't make the U-turn, you will instead come to the legal boundary of the Nevada Test Site).

The Catholic Worker is @ 500 W Van Buren Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 647-0728 -- Map

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