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Remember Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Fukushima, Nevada

Sacred Peace Walk 2011 information

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Stand Up, Make a Choice; create a world WITHOUT nuclear threats! All together, we are strong now, BREAK the nuclear chain!

Sacred Peace Walkers Ready to leave Vegas.

Vigils at Creech Air Force Base continue. This one was on April 25th.


April 18th:
Annabelle reads prior to leaving Las Vegas.


April 18th:
Shoshone spiritual leader Johnnie Bobb talks prior to leaving Vegas.

Fremont Street Anti-War Experience


On the Strip, the Sacred Peace Walk continues

Mark Kelso shows off his newest blister.






April 24th:
Pilgrims ready to march to WhiteLine.

April 24th:
Procession to WhiteLine following Mass.


April 24th:
Nipponzan Myohoji chant as others get arrested.

April 24th:
Sacred Peace Walkers post new sign at entrance to NNSS (withOUT installing it).







April 26th:
The 25th Anniversary of Chernobyl before two prayer-activists get arrested.


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