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Sacred Peace Walk 2012 Gallery
Stand Up, Make a Choice; create a world WITHOUT nuclear threats! All together, we are strong now, BREAK the nuclear chain!


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Sacred Peace Walkers at opening prayer service @ Atomic Testing Musuem parking lot on April 1st


Rev. Felicia and Sacred Peace Walkers on the Strip.

Fremont Street Anti-War Experience


Let's Peace Walk Into the Desert!


Creech AFB vigil on Wednesday the 4th of April...


Creech AFB vigil on Wednesday the 4th of April...


Take a second to show us your Native American flag!


Sunrise Ceremony led by Chief Johnnie Bobb.

Educational opportunities !

Four arrested at Creech AFB on Wednesday April 4th. VIDEO of ARRESTS


Somebody special will pick you up from jail in Vegas if you are arrested!




Leaving Peace Camp on Good Friday, April 6th, 2012




On the way from Peace Camp to the white line for the test site.



On Good Friday, some folks from Peace Camps of decades past have RETURNED !

The PeaceCamp Reunion is REAL !

Brad & the Salamander-Gecko are here!

Even the original Peace Campers are here!

Some of the Peace Campers took a tour of the old PeaceCamp.

Pegasus, Radar, Erickson & Art (with original 25-year old sign) at the line.

On Easter Monday, only a few Peace Campers and friends remained...

...and the Shadow Children are returning to Mother Earth...


And The Walk Goes On... because nuclearism is still killing peace.



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