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Sacred Peace Walk 2013 Gallery
So Many Choices, So Few Minutes--Choose Life, that We Might Live !

2013 Flickr Pix | Creech Die-In Video by Amidon

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Sacred Peace Walkers at opening prayer service @ Atomic Testing Musuem parking lot on March 24th.

Sacred Peace Walkers on the Strip

Flash Mob at Fremont Street on Palm Sunday

Activists Interrupt Creech Warriors
To Prevent Daily
War Crimes

Photos by Richelle Swarts

Creech AFB vigil on Wednesday the 27th of March...

Fine Photography Portraiture of this action
Las Vegas Review Journal Creech shots
AP photos/story mashup by CatholicWorker.biz
Yoga Flashmob via youtube March 24
Air Force Story on March 27
Military Story March 28
Reno G-J Story March 28
Indiana Newspaper March 28
LV Sun Story March 28
Ch 8 Story March 28

Raw footage of SPW prayer-actions
SnakeDeathDance into holding pens

Laura-Marie's SPW Blog



How do we find peace, unless we also stop the warriors from committing war crimes?

What happens after a simulated drone attack on civilians?

Educational opportunities !

See John Amidon's mini-movie of this blockade!

Just a few more "bugsplats" to remove, and the war may go on...

Creech AFB vigil on Wednesday the 27th of March...


After the "die-in" people ARISE!

Another Veteran For Peace!

Western Shoshone, Oneida, Mohawk folks participate too.

The Nuclear Stations of the Cross make sense to modern Americans.
On Good Friday, the yoga-dance flash-mob was repeated...

( see the motion picture here. )

Let the random yoga dance BEGIN now!

If you can't do the 30 minutes of penalty, then don't do the 3 minutes of dancing!

Easter Monday line-crossing by Ming & Laura-Marie

The OTHER Easter Monday line-crossing by Ming & Laura-Marie


Good Friday March to the Yoga-Dance line.




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