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Sacred Peace Walk 2015 Gallery
Gathered here in the mystery of this place,,,
with one strong body,,, in the struggle and the power, Spirit draw near!
RECENT Shut Down Creech Coalition Event


April 2nd: Shoshone Chief Bobb greets Sacred Peace Walkers at Peace Camp.

April 3rd: Our closing circle included a statement from Fukushima.

A dozen Sacred Peace Walkers helped to block the traffic...

Arrival at the historic, archaeological site known as Peace Camp

These prayer-walks must continue, for peace to prevail!

. .
... and three remained after the final warning to disperse.

A Sunrise Ceremony by Chief Bobb; Good Friday April 3rd

The modern Way of the Cross is ritualized at the NNSS entrance at the Mercury Exit of US Hwy 95.

The ritual line crossing at the NNSS included 22 arrests of folks from 3 foreign nations and 8 US states.

Just a few of the 2015 Sacred Peace Walkers!

At Creech Air Force Base the Drone Memorial Highway was created for a second time.

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