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- Immersion Program -

The Immersion Program is an opportunity for college or high school groups, religious communities, or other organizations to learn about the relationships between nuclear technology and indigenous sovereignty, environmental degradation, militarism and economic injustice. One important goal of immersion experiences is to learn to appreciate the wild beauty of the desert. Immersion trips range from two to seven days and can be scheduled as alternative winter or spring break trips, during the summer, or to coincide with religious holidays. Additionally, NDE organizes an annual Sacred Peace Walk in the Spring, usually during Holy Week or the week in Spring with the most religious observances drawing on all faiths. In 2016, The Sacred Peace Walk will be from March 20 to March 25. In the past, some groups have joined the SPW for part of the week.

Possible immersion activities include:
  • a visit to the Nevada National Security Site and the surrounding desert
  • a visit to Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, a site that operates remotely piloted aircraft (drones) used in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • a discussion and walking tour of the Las Vegas strip, with environmental and economic justice in mind
  • discussions with members of the Western Shoshone Nation and other local Native American communities
  • prayer or ritual at the Sekhmet Goddess Temple in Cactus Springs
  • a chance to serve with the Las Vegas Catholic Workers on their morning soupline and participation in their weekly peace vigil
  • a picnic at Red Rock Canyon, a national conservation area
  • a tour of the Atomic Testing Museum
  • if the trip takes place in the spring, the trip may coincide with the Sacred Peace Walk, a communal pilgrimage to the Nevada Test Site
  • presentations on the history of nuclear technology and anti-nuclear resistance as well as the current status of nuclear development
Contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: I’m not religious. Am I still welcome? A: Yes! All are welcome to participate in immersion trips. Part of the program often includes various rituals from different spiritual traditions, but a willingness to participate respectfully and to learn about the customs of others is the only requirement.
Q: Where do we stay in Nevada? A: NDE can house participants at our complex in North Las Vegas.

Q: What is the cost of the trip?

A: The cost of the trip varies based on the size of the group. We also like to operate on the "Gift Economy" model. But the general suggested donation is $30 per day per person.

Q: What is included in the trip cost?

A: The cost of the trip covers food, lodging, and tour leadership. There may be an additional fee for van rental if the group does not come with their own mode of transportation. Participants must provide their own transportation to Las Vegas. NDE is able to provide transportation from the airport or other locations. If participants need financial assistance please let us know and we will try to work something out.
Q: I have dietary or physical restrictions. Will this be a problem? A: With advance notice, we can probably accomodate any special physical or dietary needs. We want everyone who wishes to be a part of an immersion trip to be able to do so.
Q: What is the maximum group size NDE can accommodate for an immersion trip? A: NDE can house up to 10 people at our live/work space. There is couch and floor space and outdoor areas that are tent-friendly. Additional accommodations are possible if you are bringing a larger group.
Q: Is it dangerous to visit the test site?

A: Although some parts of the Security Site have dangerously elevated levels of radiation, the parts that we visit are considered safe. If you are feeling concerned about health impacts, there are a number of steps that can be taken to minimize exposure, and this information is readily available along with your registration packet.
Q: How can I learn more about this program?

A: Contact us at info@nevadadesertexperience.org or 702-646-4814.

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