Some of the NDE prayer-actions at Creech Air Force Base lead to court cases. More rarely have NDE prayer-actions at the nuclear site led to court cases. The legal consequences from public witness at the NNSS usually didn't include court cases from 1987 through 2018, presumably due to the de-facto honoring of the Treaty of Ruby Valley.
Then the D.o.E. ordered a change in mid-2018 to make results for Nevada activists more similar to those for other nuclear sites. The first case in 31 years for NDE's prayer-actions went to court on December 3rd, following a line-crossing by three NDE Councilors on Indigenous Peoples Day, when the three knew the result of crossing the line could possibly be different than the prior 3 decades of NON-prosecution...
The typical legal defense is the reality of the Western Shoshone Nation's jurisdiction over the territory where the NNSS is situated, therefore permission for non-Shoshones constitutes no trespassing (the NNSS is unlawfully operated on stolen Native Land.) The Nuclear Resister has more to say about this history.
Johnnie Bobb has a nice jacket
Johnnie Bobb shows off his Western Shoshone jacket while Pegasus shows off his German satchel for nuclear abolition.
While waiting for courtroom clerical protocols to be complete, the NDE volunteers and Shoshone supporters had a minute to grab some selfies at Beatty, Nevada.
As former NDE-Staffer Sister Megan Rice said--none of us are free, even if we aren't jailed anymore.
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In the case of Nevada Vs. Marcus Pegasus (#18 CR 00064) where Mr. Pegasus was charged with NRS 207.200 (a misdemeanor trespassing idea), the court session lasted over an hour in Beatty, Nevada. Deputy DA Dworin argued the case in front of Justice of the Peace Gus Sullivan (son of Bill Sullivan who presided over hundreds of cases of peaceful demonstrators and nonviolent activists in the 1980s). Pegasus told Sullivan that the State utterly failed to provide any evidence of title to the land in question. Pegasus demonstrated (with the testimony of Shoshone Chief Johnnie Bobb) years of permission have been granted by the proper Shoshone authorities to non-Shoshones to be present for the sake of peace and justice at "the Southern Zone of the Western Shoshone Nation" (a.k.a. the NNSS).

In the end, the State won their case (how'd they do that with no evidence of ownership to that land?), meaning Marcus Pegasus was found guilty and immediately sentenced to a $200 fine, payable within 30 calendar days, with a $105 mandatory court fee (even if the $200 is worked off via community service). Refusal to pay would allegedly lead to 25 days in jail, with further court fees still unavoidable, according to Sullivan when questioned by Pegasus.
Pegasus is trying to pay the $105 court costs, and you can help with his or future folks' court costs by donating via paypal through pegasus AT lovarchy DOT oh-ahr-gee,,,