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Destruction of Jeju Island's Newly Declared "Wonder of the Natural World" and "UNESCO World Heritage Site" Delayed by Global Outcry. Stay Tuned as the Struggle isn't Over.

Fighting for Survival on Jeju Island   (See photos here)

Save Jeju Now - main website
No Naval Base on Jeju!
- facebook group
Save Jeju! - info page on facebook

May 9, 2013
Gangjeong villagers last night were removed while protecting tents they had long used just across the road from the Navy base construction gate on Jeju Island, South Korea.  The government appears to be continuing with its fierce crackdown since the election of the new president Park Geun-hye, the daughter of the former brutal South Korean dictator who had once served as an officer in the Japanese imperial Army.  He was essentially a US puppet and his daughter appears to be serving the same purpose today.

The villager tents were used by construction gate protesters to rest, offer information to the public, and to display banners in opposition to the base.  In the current climate they are being removed again and again from various public spaces as the Navy tightens its grip on the village.  Navy plans reveal that they intend to take significant portions of the village for military personnel housing once the port facilities are complete.

This base will be a key port for the US Navy that is now moving 60% of its forces to the Asia-Pacific as part of Obama's dangerous and destabilizing military "pivot" into the region.  Gangjeong village sits just 300 miles from the Chinese mainland making the proposed Navy base there a strategic outpost for the Pentagon's goal of controling the shipping lanes which China uses to import 80% of its oil.

It is ironic that just last night I went to see the award-winning documentary film called Five Broken Cameras that was shown by Students for Justice in Palestine at nearby Bowdoin College.  The story of Palestinian lands being stolen by force in order to build Jewish settlements is sadly similar to the Jeju Island story.  At the very time we were watching that film the latest crackdown on Jeju was also happening.

In recent weeks the Jeju crackdown has included the deportation of several international activists who had been in the village offering solidarity for quite a long time.  We've got to get more internationals to go to Jeju so that the villagers are not isolated from the rest of the world.

As I write this three of the four who were arrested last night (including Mayor Kang) were still being detained.

In the meantime you can follow the story by visiting the Save Jeju Now website here
Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
PO Box 652
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 443-9502
http://space4peace.blogspot.com/  (blog)

The impending destruction scheduled for Nov. 18, 2012 was delayed at the last minute! The threat continues though and could come at any time. Please stay tuned, and sign this petition.

Tell World Conservation Congress not to ignore environmental destruction in its midst.

International activists joined Gangjeong villagers in February 2012 and are calling upon others to join immediately. Read the details. Follow the activists blog.

Here is a follow-up from the Save Jeju Island Global Campaign:

Dear Friends of Jeju Island,

Thank you so much for your efforts of solidarity with the villagers of Gangjeong! We did it! We stopped the blast of Gureombi—at least for the time being.

We’ve been informed that the Jeju police have turned down the companies’ request for blasting Gureombi for three reasons: insufficient documents, safety concerns, and the go-ahead from Jeju Governor Woo.

We believe that the outpouring of international support directed to Governor Woo helped at least delay the blast, but we also remain vigilant knowing that the Navy may proceed without consulting Governor Woo, as it did on October 6th when it conducted a “test blast.”

Our best insurance against the Navy proceeding unilaterally is ongoing international pressure. Please take one minute and send the following sample email below to Governor Woo at lmw2828@jeju.go.kr and to South Korean Defense Minister Kim Kwan-Jin at defenattache@yahoo.com. (Just cut and paste their email address and the sample letters below)

With gratitude,

The Global Campaign to Save Jeju Island (www.savejejunow.org)


Dear Governor Woo

Thank you for halting the blast of Gureombi, a government-designated absolute ecological preservation area. We are so relieved that the blast has been stalled, but we remain vigilant knowing the Navy has in the past unilaterally conducted a “test blast” as it did on October 6th.

We urge you to use your power to fully stop construction of the naval base in Gangjeong village and release the innocent civilians, including Mayor Kang Dong-Kyun.

You have the choice to leave behind a legacy of overseeing the destruction of a UNESCO preservation site and ancient Korean relics, or as a protector of democracy and peace on Jeju Island. Please uphold your promise to those who elected you and stop the blast and construction immediately. We don’t want the “New Seven Wonders of Nature” to be brutally destroyed.


Dear Minister Kim:

I urge you to stop the policy to construct the naval base in Gangjeong village and revoke the plan to blast Gureombi. Gangjeong residents have for five years been fighting day and night to save their coastline, livelihoods and ancient community. They are joined by the majority of Jeju Islanders who oppose the naval base on their pristine island, the government-designated island of peace.

It is clear that the plans for the so-called civilian/military harbor are intended for nuclear aircraft carriers, not for two 150,000-ton cruise ships. The Navy lied to the villagers and residents of Jeju Island.

Jeju was recently selected among the New Seven Wonders of Nature, which with its UNESCO triple-crowned status makes the island among the world’s most precious cultural and national treasures. The marine ecosystem of the Gureombi coastline is an absolute preservation area designated by the South Korean government to protect over ten endangered species. The spring water along Gangjeong’s coastline is connected to the stream, which provides up to 80% of the drinking water for the southern half of Jeju Island. Destroying Gureombi threatens the marine life and clean water, which farmers and villagers depend upon for their survival.

Please do what is right and preserve South Korea’s democracy and precious Jeju Island from being destroyed. True security comes from consent by the people based on peace and democracy, not from wielding force. We don’t want the “New Seven Wonders of Nature” to be brutally destroyed.


Activist and retired US Army Colonel Ann Wright has been to Jeju Island off the south coast of South Korea.

"On November 18, 2011, the South Korean Navy will blast Gureombi, the smooth volcanic rock along the coastline of Gangjeong village of Jeju Island where the local people have been fighting day and night almost for five years to stop the naval base that will homeport naval vessels equipped with the American Aegis missile and will be a key link in the United States' Missile Defense System.

Jeju Island was recently selected among the New Seven Wonders of Nature, which with its UNESCO triple-crowned status makes the island among the world's most precious cultural and national treasures. In addition, the marine ecosystem that lines Gureombi is an absolute preservation area designated by the South Korean government because of the many endangered species that inhabit Gureombi, including the red-clawed crab and soft coral.

The spring water that bubbles up from Gureombi provides up to 80% of the drinking water for residents of Seogwipo City, the southern half of Jeju Island. The destruction of Gureombi threatens the surrounding marine life and the clean water that farmers and villagers depend upon for their survival."

See the rest of Ann's appeal for people to contact the governor of Jeju Island.

Gangjeong Mayor and others Facing Hard Time in Fight to Save Their "Wonder of the Natural World"

Current war-making relies on satellites for command, control and surveillance. By international treaty, the governments of the world, including that of The United States, agreed to share space and use it for peaceful purposes. The U.S. doctrine of "Full Spectrum Dominance" belies the idea that we are ultimately willing to share space, despite cooperative endeavors like the international space station. Forward-basing of Aegis destroyers and other anti-ballistic missile systems, in Korea and elsewhere, are actually offensive in intent, and promote an increase in the global arms race, undermining prospects for peace.



- Jeju Island-

Professor Yang Yoon-Mo is hunger striking because of the importance of saving the goodness of Jeju Island. The USA wishes to put a US Navy base there, but South Korea wants Jeju Island to become one of UNESCO's places of World Cultural Heritage, and at the same time jeapordize the goodness by building a military base on it.Yang Yoon-Mo has been in the hospital since June 1st.

MacGregor Eddy, Vandenberg activist and longtime friend of NDE has gone to Korea to represent the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.

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International Statement in Support of Gangjeong Village signed by NDE


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