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Desert Voices Vol 3, Number 1
Spring 1990 - #8
A Telling Tale of Two Testing Programs (from an Associated Press story in the Las Vegas Review Journal)
International Citizens CTB (Comprehensive Test Ban) Congress
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Picks Up Steam
Poem: Boom Boom Boom by Jon Klusmire
Poem: The Stones' Lament by Peter J. Ediger
Lenten Desert Experience IX: Integrating Prayer and Action
Peacemaking, Community and God: Episcopalian Witness and Retreat
Lenten Desert Experience X - plans in progress
Utah Jury Dishes out Justice, Aquits Three Witnesses

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Desert Voices Vol 3, Number 2
Summer 1990 - (#9)

If the People are Silent, the Stones Will Cry Out by Phyllis Kovacich
Western Shoshones Fight for Their Land
Lenten Desert Experience Concludes in Courtroom & Test Site
Take Action to Propel Test Ban Treaty Conference
For Whom Toll the Bells? by Ed Fallon
Half-Way Questions from a Half-Way Sentence by Peter J. Ediger
1991: Three Major Events

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Desert Voices Vol 3, Number 3
Fall 1990 - #10

U.N. Conference will Force Vote on Comprehensive Test Ban
A Time to Choose, A Time to Act by Phpyllis Kovacich
International Congress Calls for Halt to Nuclear Testing
Desert, Demons and Daily Life
Dear Reader, by Denise Stephenson

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Desert Voices Vol 3, Number 4
Winter 1990 - Number 7
Newsletter Staff: Mary Lehman, Peter Ediger, Leslie and Jon Klusmire
Our Kairos Moment is Now by John Dear, S.J.
'I Hear the Rocks Crying Out' by Art Casey
Soviets Tell Congress It's Time for a Comprehensive Test Ban
Testing 1 -- 2 -- 3 Testing 1 -- 2 -- 3
Push Politicians for Peace
News from New Zealand
Lenten Desert Experience IX: When Stones Cry Out
presidential Candidate Convicted of Test Site Trespass
The People of the A God by Peter Ediger

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