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Desert Voices Vol 8, Number 1
Spring 1995
International Update: President Clinton Extends Nuclear Testing Moratorium! by Pamela Meidell
The Journey Continues...NDE's Year of Nonviolence
Lenten Desert Experience XIV
August Desert Witness 1995 - Commemorating Hiroshima and Nagasaki - brochure & schedule
Nevada Desert Experience's "Walk for Peace"
Poetry Corner: "You are There" by Mick Mandeville

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Desert Voices Vol 8, Number 2
Summer 1995

NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) Conference by Pamela Meidell
Thank you, Pamela!

August Desert Witness 1995 - schedule & brochure

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Desert Voices Vol 8, Number 3
Autumn 1995

500 Come to August Desert Witness 1995 by David Buer, ofm
Testing Update -- France & China Continue Testing
ADW 1995 Participants' Comments from Around the Country

Nuclear Weapons Research and Development--Moving Into the Laboratories? by Marylia Kelly
Lenten Desert Experience XV
August 6, 1995 at the Nevada Test Site: Prayer by Rabbi Leonard Beerman
ADW 1995 Culminates NDE's Year of Nonviolence
June Stark Casey's Panegyric to ADW 1995

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