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Desert Voices Vol 9, Number 1
Winter 1996
Nuclear Testing: The Next Generation by Jacqueline Cabasso
Nevada Desert Experience 1996 Appeal: Still Testing After All These Years
At Home at the Test Site (for Father Gianni Novelli) by Janet Walkup 10/5/95
Lenten Desert Experience XV: We Will Remain Faithful at the Foot of the Nuclear Cross - Poster

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Desert Voices Vol 9, Number 2
Spring 1996

At the Nevada Test Site: First Underground Nuclear Weapons Test in Four Years this June 18
Over the next 10 years: U.S. Plans to Spend $40 Billion on Nuclear Weapons Testing, Design & Research
Holy Week Walkers Say Thanks
Lenten Desert Experience 1997
August Desert Witness 1996: This is our Cry, This is our Prayer, To Establish Peace in Our World! - Poster

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Desert Voices Vol 9, Number 3
Winter 1996

U.S. Department of Energy Intends to Proceed with Subcritical Nuclear Tests: 3,561 Nuclear Weapons Workers Still at Test Site by Andrew Lichterman and Jackie Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation
American Beauty by John P. McAndrew
Henri Nouwen Remembered by Stevi Carroll
Lenten Desert Experience XVI: Beyond the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty; A Spiritual and Strategical Challenge - Poster

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