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Desert Voices Vol 22, Number 1
February 2009

Yucca Mountain: Not Saved Yet - Judy Treichel
Newe Sogobia: Not a Wasteland - Dr. Bonnie Eberhardt Bobb
The Problem with Drones - excerpts from an interview with P.W. Singer
President Obama’s Inauguration - JoAnn Yoon Fukumoto, NDE Council member
Anti-Nuclear Nuclearism - Darwin BondGraham and Will Parrish
Barrick Cortez Hills update
Sacred Peace Walk 2009, April 6-13

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Desert Voices Vol 22, Number 2
May 2009

Desert Cry - No New Militarism Here - Jim Haber
9th Annual Newe Sogobia Maya'a Mia Walk on Sacred Land

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Desert Voices Vol 22, Number 3
Late Summer 2009

NDE: Right Place, Right Time- Jim Haber
All the Buzz about UAVs - Jim Haber
What They Said . . .
Protesting Antitesting Another Missle Launch
Lloyd Watson, ¡Presente!

Download: PDF (822kb)

Desert Voices Vol 22, Number 4
Winter 2010

Activists Protest at NTS, Creech - Betsy Lamb
Environmental Impact and the Nuclear Weapons Complex - Jim Haber
Aviation Nation 2009 - Peter Ediger

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Special Appeal from Joanna Macy, Anne Symens-Bucher and Daniel Ellsberg

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