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Desert Voices Vol 23, Number 1
Spring 2010

* Yucca Mountain R.I.P. (p. 1)
* You Call That a Disarmament Budget? (p. 1)
* Waihopai Ploughshares Found Not Guilty! (p. 2)
* At Vandenberg, No Pretense of Defending Free Speech (p. 2)
* Louis Vitale: At Ease in Prison Again (p. 3)
* 2009 Ground the Drones Court Cases refiled (p. 3)
* Uplifting MLK Jr. B’day Parade Contingent (p. 3)
* PLC at LANL Stands Against CMRR (p. 4)
* We Remember: Gene Stoltzfus (1940-2010) (p. 4)
* A Word from Our Interns (p. 5)
* US Social Forum (p. 5)
* NPT Review Conference (p. 6)
* Oak Ridge Action Á la Nukewatch & Nuclear Resister (p. 6)
* Death & Taxes: New War Tax Resistance DVD (p. 6)
* San Diego Drone Action, General Atomics, May 18 & 19 (p. 7)
* August Desert Witness: Important Update (p. 7)
* Sponsor a Sacred Peace Walker! (p. 8)

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Desert Voices Vol 23, Number 2
Late Summer 2010

Dear Friends,

Nevada Desert Experience's Late Summer 2010 issue of Desert Voices is available for viewing or printing from our website. I'm very happy to report that NDE founder, mentor and friend, Fr. Louis Vitale, OFM was released from prison after a 6 month sentence for taking a stand against torture trainings for Latin American military personnel at Ft. Benning Georgia. He's out in time to appear in court in Las Vegas on September 14 as a member of the Creech 14 who were arrested with us during the Sacred Peace Walk in 2009 at Creech Air Force Base. Then he has a trial in Santa Barbara for an arrest at Vandenberg. If you want to see him you may need to come for our September Desert Witness (see below). Because of delays in producing this newsletter, the two lead features are full of new issues and analyses; I hope you agree that the information is thought-provoking and inspiring.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support. NO NUKES!
-Jim Haber, NDE Coordinator

View the Late Summer Desert Voices Newsletter

Handout about the movie Countdown to Zero, from United for Peace & Justice's Nuclear Disarmament/Redefining Security Working Group

August Desert Witness handouts

Events for your calendar:
August and September Desert Witnesses (including major gatherings/memorials/vigils/trials, Sept. 10 to 14 in Cactus Springs and Las Vegas-"At 65, It's Time to Retire the Bomb" and "Our Grief is Still Not a Cry for War"
2011 Sacred Peace Walk (April 18 orientation and Passover Seder to Monday April 25, including Easter mass at the gate to the Nevada Test Site (more events will be coming, including Keep Space for Peace Week in October and the Martin Luther King Birthday Parade in January)


Countdown to...Lots o' Nukes (a collection of resources and critiques of a new "blockbuster documentary" Countdown to Zero that may or may not have nuclear disarmament as a goal)
Drones, Not Droning on Drones (including eye-opening information and perspective from Jeremy Scahill, investigative reporter with The Nation Institute; also, new postcards to President Obama decrying the drone strikes are available)
Here & There with NDE (including important links for follow up information for all the amazing conferences, actions and celebrations NDE has participated in over the last 3 months) See also our Gallery of Galleries to see even more images and video clips.
Vandenberg Witness (an update on work and actions at CA's central coast air force base with which NDE is linked
I'll Be Back! (Sounds like a threat, but we'll take it as a promise. Brief intern Elisabeth Gustafson describes her work and stay with NDE.

Please consider sending a contribution, or even joining NDE's Friends of the Desert by signing up to contribute either monthly or quarterly. Summer is dry in the desert, and similarly, donations only trickle in at this time of year. Large and small gifts, we're grateful for them all. Thank you. Blessed Be. Peace and All Good.

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Desert Voices Vol 23, Number 3
Autumn 2010

Creech 14 Get Their Day In Court: Judge Makes No Decsion--A Historic Moment for Peace
What's In A Name? Re-Branding the "NTS" into "NNSS"  
Nuclear Resister Roundup (summaries of 2010 actions)
Fr. Louis' Vitale's Appeal for Your Support
Announcement of Sacred Peace Walk 2011: April 18-25

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