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Desert Voices Vol 24, Number 4

No Defense for Drones
We Run on Love, Fueled by Our "Friends of the Desert"
Jeju Island: Still a Wonder, Still Threatened
Dia de los Muertos - Remembering All Victims of War
Stop Testing Missiles Already!
Occupy Nevada Desert Experience by Ming Richard Lai
Alliance for Nuclear Accountability in Las Vegas
Not One More Acre!
What's in a Name Update: NDE or NDPW?
Special Holiday Thanks
Upcoming Events: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade, Test Site Tourist Outreach, & Sacred Peace Walk 2012

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Desert Voices Vol 24, Number 3

Mercy, Manna & Memories Made: Catholic Workers Gather & Pray, Halt NTS & Creech Traffic
Megan, Thank you, go thee well, and we'll be seeing you...
NTS EIS Public Comment Period Extended to Dec. 2
Japan Activists Light the Way
Short Report from the Occupation
A Complex of Nuclear Complexes
Kazakstan 1, United States 0
Announcing: Sacred Peace Walk 2012
Other Upcoming Events

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Reflections on 9-11 Anniversary

September Update

Desert Voices Vol 24, Number 1&2

NDE Supports Shoshone Youth: Drum on Congress for Peace by Donzie Bobb and Jeremiah Jones
No Nukes! No Dumps! - Public Comment period on Radioactive Waste Dump
From Our Japanese Allies - The Japan Council against A and H Bombs (Gensuikyo)
Thank you Vandenberg Peace Legal Defense Fund
Why NOT Y-12: Resisters Make Case in Court by Dennis DuVall
WORLD-WIDE NDE IN PICTURES: Afghanistan & Sacred Peace Walk
International Statement in Support of Gangjeong Village
Federal Judge Rules In Favor of Los Alamos Nuclear Project, Dismisses Environmental Lawsuit
Kansas City Peace Planters Initiative Drive Grows Despite City Opposition by Lynn Horsley
NDE...What’s in a Name?
Louis Vitale's Out!
Summer Events

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Desert Voices Vol 23, Number 4

Native Outrage at Nuclear Testing by Johnnie Bobb
The Creech 14 Verdict - Guilty of Protesting US Drones by The Creech-14
60 Years of Disaster by Jim Haber
Rosemary Lynch passed away
Announcement of Sacred Peace Walk 2011: April 18-25

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