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- Sacred Peace Walk 2007 Blog -

March 26 - April 1, 2007
Check back as this page is updated throughout the peacewalk with writings and photos from the peacewalkers.

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March 26

Walkers traveled from several states——people were tired!

The Sacred Peace Walk 2007 has begun! Tonight, about 20 walkers and 10 well-wishers gathered at the Las Vegas Catholic Worker house for an orientation. Participants introduced themselves, talked about their reasons for coming on the Peace Walk, and shared hopes and fears. Jovita Harrah, who traveled from Visalia, California, grounded her choice to come in the current state of the world. She explained, "War is a community problem, so peace is a community solution."

Mike from Gallup, NM shares a moment with Leigh from British Columbia. Leigh
and other Catholic Workers provided us with tremendous hospitality.

Jerry, Jean, and Eleanor talk about old friends.

Gina, Jovita, and Sr. Stella enjoy a chat before dinner, while NDE
staffer Sarah looks for people who haven't registered yet.

After our orientation, we had dinner, and a beautiful and inspiring talk from Brian Kimmel. Brian shared with us the wisdom of his Buddhist tradition, Thich Nhat Hanh's Order of Interbeing. Through shared song and teachings, Brian helped walkers become grounded and ready to embrace the incredible spiritual opportunity of walking for peace in a mobile, nomadic community. Brian taught us several walking meditations, reminded us that "it's a treasure to walk, to be in our bodies," and added, "we always have a chance to take care of our own peace."

Fr. Louie and Brian sit together after Brian's talk.

March 27

Las Vegas Sun (AP): Peace advocates begin walk from Las Vegas to Nevada Test Site

Peace walkers began their pilgrimage from the Nevada Atomic Testing History Institute (NATHI) Museum. Western Shoshone elder and spiritual leader Corbin Harney blessed the peacewalkers before they left to walk along the Las Vegas strip and to the outskirts of town.

Leigh helps Shaina get her bike ready for the day ahead.

Peacewalkers gather on the street outside the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas.

And enter the Atomic Testing Museum.

Veterans for Peace activists including John Amidon

Watch as Corbin Harney speaks to the walkers and offers a blessing as they begin their journey.

Chelsea leads the way.

As peacewalkers make their way along the Las Vegas strip.

Mike (Stratosphere in the background)

Jerry Zawada, OFM and Fire Keeper Willie Fragosa, a native from a California tribe

The peacewalk continues as the Fremont Street Experience becomes the Fremont Peace Experience.

The peacewalkers join in a bathing the baby buddha ceremony with Rev. Alan Senauke reciting the Heart Sutra.

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Schedule, What to Bring List, & Peace Camp directions

Peace Walk Map (PDF, 930k)

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