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2009 Events & Actions Archive (Desert Cry)

NDE's offices are located on the same site as Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service and Poverello House's offices. The Bartlett Ave. property is known was dubbed the Francis & Clare Center in 2004. Find it at: 1420 W. Bartlett Ave, Las Vegas 89106 (just East of MLK Blvd., north of Lake Mead Blvd. but south of Carey, in historic West Las Vegas.)


Saturday, December 5


Ground the Drones - Strike and Fast ~ Thanksgiving Holiday

Dear Friends and Allies,

I am writing to ask you to join in a Fast against the U.S. Predator drone strikes on Afghanistan and Pakistan over the Thanksgiving Holiday, November 26th through November 29th. After watching and reading about the brutal assaults on innocent bystanders, some members of CODEPINK Women for Peace decided that we needed to find a way to show the global community and the U.S. government that we do not support the Predator drone strikes.

Stealing Lives

According to an October 2009 New Yorker article "The Predator War" written by Jane Mayer, the Predator drones strikes continue at a fast pace -- "a rate of approximately one bombing a week." The drone pilot program is housed at various military installations in the United States with Creech Air Force Base being one of these locations just north of Las Vegas City, Nevada. Young Air Force pilots commute into the base everyday to fly Predator drones to aerially scout over Pakistan and Afghanistan and launch Hellfire missiles onto the region as part of a controversial C.I.A. targeted international killing program; At times missing their intended targets, resulting in the deaths of many innocent people including children.

Giving thanks

Join in! Fast with us over the Thanksgiving Holiday as we call for a stop to the U.S. drone strikes and call on our government to stop spending American tax dollars on C.I.A. classified covert drone programs.

Here's how you can get involved:

* Stand with us outside Creech Air Force Base for a peace vigil November 26th through 29th
* Hold a solidarity Fast in your home or community for one to four days
* Endorse the "Stop the Drones Fast" and forward to your membership

Also, Creech Air Force Base is illegally occupying Shoshone and other indigenous tribes land. We will honor their spirit, history and presence while on the Fast.

For further information or questions about the Fast please email codepink.nancy@gmail.com

Accommodations near the Air Force Base can be located at the Goddess Temple or Indian Springs Motel

Camping: There is ample camping space near the Temple and the Guest House for women and men. Campers have access to the kitchen and bath facilities in the Guest House during the day. There is also a gas grill available for use.

RV: There is space available to park small and large RV's. There are no formal hook-ups. Water and electricity are available; please bring a 100' hose for water and a 100' extension cord for electricity.

Guest House: The Guest House is our exclusive accomodation for women on the Temple grounds and sleeps 10+. Linens and towels are available. The Guest House has a fully equipped kitchen, including a refrigerator.

For information about guaranteeing a bed at the Temple please contact Candace 702.569.0630 or oneforpeace@sekhmettemple.com

Motel: Motel accomodations nearest the Temple are in Indian Springs (3 miles west): http://www.indianspringscasino.com/

Toward peace,
Nancy L. Mancias
(415) 342-6409
CODEPINK Women for Peace
PINKTank :: http://codepink4peace.org/blog/
Facebook :: http://www.facebook.com/nancymancias
Twitter :: nancymancias

Ground the Drones . . . Lest We Reap the Whirlwind

7 April 2009: Letter From Vigilers to President Barack Obama (PDF)

10 April 2009: Creech 14 Released from Jail (PDF)

Sacred Peace Walk

  finishing the SPW  





This prayerful event from May 4 to May 9 was led by NDE Council member Johnnie Bobb (in photo, lead walker). They ended their journey at the peace camp across the highway from the Nevada Test Site. Later, after processing to the test site's main gate, three Western Shoshone walkers were arrested for crossing the white line. They were challenging the government's ability to keep them from their ancestral lands, Newe Sogobia, which include the NTS. International and U.S. law support the Shoshone claim, but they were given citations anyway. More pictures on Flickr


View / Download PDF - Ground the Drones

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Media Coverage
Peace Activists Arrested After Protesting US Drones in Nevada | Democracy Now
State of Nevada: Peace Walk
| KNPR with Ian Mylchreest   Listen   Download mp3
Waging Peace: Friends in high places | Daily Gazette
John L. Smith: Standing Up for Peace Puts 'Father Louie' in Jail | Las Vegas Review-Journal

RAW VIDEO clips from Creech and NTS actions:

Palm Sunday Mass Hand Wash Blessing with Sr. Megan: 11: 20 on April 5th
Palm Sunday Navajo Song with Mervyn Tilden: 11:40 on April 5th
Consecration Scream and Silence Irony: 11:55 on April 5th
Passover Seder
Creech Prayer-Action on Bonhoeffer Day
Creech Vigil edited by UCBerkeley Students
Creech Arrests edited by UCBerkeley Students
NTS Arrests Easter Sunday (UNedited)

See Photo Gallery of SPW & Creech AFB Prayer-Actions

minutes before attempting a dinner date...

What DRONES? Predators & Reapers References & Resources Page

Although Nevada Desert Experience was in the forefront of the successful campaign to stop full-scale nuclear weapon explosions in the Nevada desert almost 20 years ago, nuclearism and militarism continue in the Great Basin Desert. New weapon systems are being developed and used at Creech Air Force Base, situated between the Nevada Test Site and Las Vegas.

Pilots at Creech control "unmanned" airplanes to drop bombs on the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. The controllers use videogame-style technology to reign destruction from the sky. Only 10% destroy "high value" targets, while hundreds of civilian non-combatant casualties outrage villagers and the world. at Creech AFB and end nuclear weapon development at the Nevada Test Site. Creech AFB is a site of ACUTE militarism for projecting U.S. violence globally.

The NTS represents our CHRONIC militarism and our country's longstanding willingness to threaten
and attack civilians. We need to stop both, and to foster healing from this physical and spiritual damage in beautiful, sacred places. Let peace flow back into the desert! As we go to press, Yucca Mountain appears saved from becoming a nuclear waste repository! Judy Treichel of the Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force is hopeful, and we are too. For links and more info about these issues, visit our website.

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