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- No Testing of Any Kind-for missiles or anti-missiles. THEY'RE ALL OFFENSIVE! -

Vandenberg AFB, California and the Ronald Reagan Test Range

Vandenberg AFB Continues to Test Provocatively Test Launch ICBMs: “Anti-Peacekeepers”
The U.S. Air Force is at it again. They continue testing Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles from Vandenberg in California to Kwajalein Atoll in the south Pacific. Minuteman IIIs are on hair-trigger alert in silos in Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota. They carry thermonuclear warheads at least eight times more powerful than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.

As Commander-in-Chief, President Obama has the power to cancel these tests and decommission these dangerous missiles. A provocative missile test certainly should not be one of the first messages the world receives after the President’s re-election.

Testing and maintaining Minuteman III missiles is a bad idea for many reasons, including:

* They are located in fixed silos, making them easy targets for attack;
* There is an incentive to “use them first or lose them”;
* The high-alert status of these weapons could lead to accidental nuclear war;
* The U.S. government consistently criticizes other countries for conducting missile tests;
* These tests are dangerous to the target country, the Marshall Islands;
* Testing these missiles encourages other countries to develop and test their own missiles and nuclear weapons.

International pressure and technical issues sometimes lead to delays and cancellations. See the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation for the latest petition and other news on nuclear weapons, nonviolence and more. For more on VAFB, also visit MacGregor Eddy's Blog and Vandenberg Witness, managed by the Beatitude House Catholic Worker in Guadalupe, CA.

June 6, 2013:
Supreme Court Agrees to Decide Vandenberg Protesters’ Right to Assemble

May 22, 2013: Minuteman III launch carried out in early morning, delayed from originaly planned May 21.

November 14, 2012: Minuteman III launch set from Vandenberg AFB to Marshall Islands. Peaceful protest begins 11:55 p.m. November 13 outside the gates of Vandenberg AFB.

October 17, 2012: Trial of Vandenberg 15 in Santa Barbara 15 were arrested on August 25 at 1:30 am at a peaceful protest against the launch of an ballistic missile designed to deliver hydrogen bombs. The test missile landed in the Kwajalein atoll in the Marshall Islands. 

August 19 - 22, 2012: Walk for Nuclear Disarmament: From Lockheed to Lock-Up Members of the Pacific Life Community, along with other peace activists, will accompany a Plowshares activist on a peace walk from a major nuclear weapons system maker to the Federal prison where she has been ordered to return. (Jim Haber, NDE Coordinator, will be walking) Schedule

July 21, 2012: Charges dropped against 13 Pacific Life Community peace activists

May 17, 2012: Federal Arraignment, 8:30 a.m. 1415 State Street, Santa Barbara, California
Daniel Ellsberg, David KriegerCynthia Papermaster, John Amidon, Lynn Hamilton and the other co-defendants will be arraigned in federal court at for their arrests at the February 25, 2012 Vandenberg ICBM test launch.

February 2012: Largest Demonstration and Civil Resistance against U.S. Missile Test in almost 30 years / Protest Event Flyer

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Keep Space for Peace

Keep Space for Peace
by Jim Haber

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