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Join us for Interfaith Resistance to Weaponized Drones, Militarism and Nuclearism

October 3-8, 2020
Converge in Nevada ... for education, inspiration and agitation
The Anthropocene began 75 years ago with global fallout from the first three nuclear weapons poisoning our planet. Creech Air Force Base began its Unmanned Aerial Systems Center (Killer Robotics) 60 years later. The U.S. Military has the largest carbon boot-print on earth, using space-based weaponry and other technologies to wreak destruction of habitats on our Mother Earth. There are many reasons to come to Nevada in the Autumn of 2020--many reasons for this inter-sectional movement at this crucial moment in history!

The international movement to abolish nuclear weapons has a rich history, and we can celebrate the goodness of nonviolent people power in preventing global destruction of habitat. Due to the ongoing onslaught of nuclearism and drone warfare, there is a tremendous amount of work we face now and forever in resisting these works of war. We need to keep inspiring each other, and to that end, as we approach humanity’s 75th year of the nuclear age (1945 to 2020) NDE has prepared this special event.

Our interfaith movement started in 1981 by working for a unique Lenten event in 1982 so that we could honor the courageous nonviolent spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi on his 800th birth anniversary. His modern followers have tried in myriad ways to uphold the integrity of creation, which has been horribly violated by the nuclear weapons cycle since 1951, and in this century drone warfare has likewise desecrated multiple watersheds (i.e. where pilots premeditate their murders and where their bombs land).

The highest number of Justice activists—both secular and religious—were mobilized to come to this awesome Great Basin Desert for direct action to stop the violence between 1986 and 1994. In those eight years there were 536 nuclear abolition peace demonstrations held at the bomb testing range. At that time Nye County made over 15,000 arrests.

October 2020 CONVERGENCE
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