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April 2024
2024 Sacred Peace Walk
Creech Air Force Base
"Chalk of Mass Destruction"
At the test site...
Voices of the "Sacred Peace Walk" 2024
Coverage in the Las Vegas Review Journal
NDE Joins Catholic Workers Resisting Nuclear Weapons at Kansas City Factory

February 2024
Register now for the Sacred Peace Walk, March 23-29
NDE marching in Las Vegas' Martin Luther King, Jr Day Parade
Anti-Nuclear Gadflies: Martha Hennessy and Brian Terrell- a podcast interview by Alan Winson

December 2023
Sacred Peace Walk, March 23-29, 2024
"Tickling the Dragon's Tail" at the Nevada Test Site and Killer Drones at Creech AFB
Please Register!
NDE in New York, Supporting the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

October 2023
Justice For Our Desert 2023 Report
Save the Date! Sacred Peace Walk 2024

September 2023
"Nonviolent Communities for a Nonviolent World" Justice for Our Desert, October 6-8
NDE Joins Protests of "Nuclear Sharing" at Bases in The Netherlands and Germany
Sixteen activists with pink shovels arrested at Volkel air base
International activists blockade NATO nuclear base in Germany

July 2023
Justice for Our Desert, October 6,7,8
CODEPINK's "Summer of Peace"
Sacred Peace Walk 2023 Podcasts
Two Test Site Protestors Sentenced; Eight More Facing Charges
NDE Coordinators Joining Protests of U.S. "Nuclear Sharing" in Europe

May 2023
Sacred Peace Walk 2023 Report

December 2022
Gratitude, News and an Appeal by Brian Terrell
Justice for Our Desert by NDE Council and Staff

July 2022
Resuming schedule of events by NDE Council and Staff
Activists Call to "Prohibit Nukes, Promote Hope" at Memorial Day event in Kansas City by Brian Terrell

May 2022
Departure and Blessings from Ming and Laura-Marie by Laura-Marie River Victor Peace Nopales and Ming Lai

December 2021
Building Bridges for Love by Laura-Marie River Victor Peace Nopales
Nevada Desert Expressions 2
Employment Opportunity

Summer 2021
Volume 34, Number 2
On Palestine by Karen Pettit
Comparison of Infant-Level Fatherhood and Nuclear Abolition Prayer-Actions by Pegasus Blaise Collonge

Spring 2021
Volume 34, Number 1
A Zine About Nuclear Activism and Our Experiences on Sacred Peace Walk 2020
Community is Possible & being by Laura Marie
A Letter from Rachel White
A Reflection by Brittney Ballesteros
Transformation in the Desert by Wendy Rogan

Autumn 2020
Volume 33, Number 2
Safer Events During Pandemic With NDE's New Health Protocols Pegasus Blaise Collonge
A Military Bill of Rights & Wrongs
#NevadaDesertExpressions Compiled for Beauty's Sake by Karen Pettit
Haiku by Brother Mark Schroeder, OFM

Spring 2020
Volume 33, Number 1
Finding Hope Amid Existential Threats by Marcus Page-Collonge
Our Shoshone Friends On Pilgrimage Again by NDE
Nuclear Winter and the Defense Budget by Mark Bird
From the Japanese Activists by Gensuikyo

Summer 2019
Volume 32, Number 2
37 Arrests on 2019 Sacred Peace Walk by NDE
Brought Peace to Me by Brianna Florian
Subcritical Nuclear Tests Raise New Dangers by Kathy Crandall Robinson

Spring 2019
Volume 32, Number 1
Communicating Love In This Desert by Marcus Page-Collonge
Honor The Integrity of Creation Despite 75 Years of Nuclearism

Autumn 2018
Volume 31, Number 2
Nevada National Security Site | Will Court Prosecute Justice Activists Instead of NNSS? by Brian Terrell
Justice For Our Desert: JFOD by Katherine Parent
Honor The Integrity of Creation Despite 75 Years of Nuclearism

Spring 2018
Volume 31, Number 1
When Will The Other Nations Push Back? by Marcus Page-Collonge
Laura-Marie River Victor Peace
Historic Peace Boat Embarks on New Voyage by Wendy Rogan
From Our Event Coordinator by Robert Majors

Autumn 2017
Volume 30, Number 3
Desert Justice by Laura-Marie River Victor Peace
A "Security Site" of Killing" by Marcus Page-Collonge
Wasting a Mountain Book Review by Ming Lai
VOICES FOR PEACE: War, Resistance and America's Quest for Full-Spectrum Dominance Book Review courtesy of VCNV
Holy Week Movie Review by Marcus Collonge
Jerry Zawada: Presente!

June 2017
Volume 30, Number 2
An excerpt from The Golden Rule by Robert Majors
Another Frontier of Violence by Marcus Page-Collonge with letter from Rev. George Killingsworth
Oral History: Peace Movement in Nevada - An Interview of Wendy Rogan by Laura-Marie River Victor Peace

January 2017
Volume 30, Number 1
Justice for Our Desert by Robert Majors
A Visit to Russia for "Life Extension" of the Planet by Brian Terrell
Interfaith Person by Laura-Marie River Victor Peace

Spring 2016
Volume 29, Number 1
The Path Home by Miss Ayevee
Shutting Down Creech #2: March & April 2016 by Marcus Collonge
Glimpses of a Peace Walk by Rev. Carolyn Metzler see Full Version

Autumn 2015
Volume 28, Number 2
Yucca Mountain Newe Sogobia by Johnnie L.Bobb
Desert Justice #2 by Brian Terrell
Ode to My DNA by Chelsea Collonge

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