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Call NDE if you have any questions about these premium gifts we offer to folks who donate! 702.646.4814.

We are part of the interfaith movement for nuclear abolition and the end of drone warfare.

If you wish to donate WITHOUT receiving any gifts we from this webpage, then use the other webpage interface for such donations.


To order any of the items below, you do two things:

  1. Donate via the PayPal System below.
  2. Fill out the form (further below) for us to know which item and where to send it.

NOTE; there's two parts. One part is using the PayPal button to donate (or sending a check to us in the mail). The other part is filling out a form (in the orange wavy box below) that automatically comes to us with all the info we need from you, so we can send you the item(s). Postage and Handling are included in the suggested minimum donations on this page.

Water Bottle: $30 or $37

Stainless steel triple-wall bottle, with or without a stainless steel lid. (Alternate less-expensive lid is plastic). All bottles are same size: 20 oz. Keeps cold stuff cold for 24 hours and hots are hot for 12.

Magnet For Fridge: $3

NDE is a non-profit, so your donations are basically covering the costs of the item(s) and the shipping/postage/handling of the item from our end.

Jesse Manibusan's Music for NDE: $9

These seven songs should get your friends motivated to join the movement for nuclear abolition and the end of drone warfare.

T-Shirts in 5 sizes: $16

The NDE T-Shirt promotes our annual Sacred Peace Walk

Don't forget to fill out the form below!

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CALL us for more info: 702.646.4814
We (at NDE) will manually link your PayPal donation amount here with your info on the form you fill out below, to know which item you wish to receive as a thank-you gift from us.

Send a check to:
Nevada Desert Experience

1420 West Bartlett Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89106-2226, USA
P.S. The suggested donations on this page include reimbursing us for postage and handling. Donations in-person when you are in Nevada are easier/smaller suggestions.

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