April 4 - 10, 2020 C.E.

Sacred Peace Walk

Tell your friends/family/facebook "friends" you are coming.
Contact your local media; let them know you are doing this!
Pack/bring a sleeping bag & tent to sleep in.
Pack/bring raingear
Make sure you walk at least 3 miles per day NOW if you wish to walk >3/day in Nevada.
Pack/bring a water bottle to carry while you walk, and any medications/dietary supplements you need.

Read about recent changes in trespass prosecution policy at the Nevada Nuclear Security Site:
After three decades, trespass prosecutions resume at Nevada nuclear test site
Come to Nevada - Walk for Peace, Resist Nuclear Weapons, Stand for Indigenous People’s Rights and Fill the Jails!
Daily Schedule
More Details
April 12

3:00 - 5:00 PM: Arrivals

5:30 PM: Dinner

Location: Francis & Clare Compound also known as the Home & HQ of NDE, 1420 W. Bartlett Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada 89106, 702-646-4814.

All SPWalkers can sleep @ Francis & Clare. Only 10 beds are assigned, 10 other people will camp on floors or couches inside, or in tents outside @ Francis & Clare.

April 13th

7:00 AM: Breakfast

12:00 PM: (approx.) Lunch at Francis & Clare

3:00 PM: Orientation and Shoshone Permits
5:30 PM: Dinner at Francis & Clare


All SPWalkers can sleep @ Francis & Clare. Only 10 beds are assigned, 10 other people will camp on floors or couches inside, or in tents outside @ Francis & Clare.

April 14th

7:00 - 7:45AM: Breakfast
7:45 - 8:15 AM: SHUTTLES Leave Bartlett
8:30 AM: Interfaith Blessing of SPWalkers outside the National Atomic Testing Museum
9:00 AM: Commence Urban Walk
(13 miles)

2:00 PM: (approx.) Lunch at Las Vegas Catholic Worker

4:00 PM: Arrive @ Francis & Clare
5:30 PM: Dinner at Francis & Clare Compound

Walk from the Atomic Testing Museum (755 E. Flamingo Rd.), up the Las Vegas Strip, down the Fremont Street Experience, out to the Dept. of Energy and National Security Technologies offices, ending at the Martin Luther King Statue just 3 blocks from Francis & Clare. See the Day 1 Route in precise detail.

All SPWalkers can sleep @ Francis & Clare. Folks with personal cars are welcome to leave their vehicles there, or at Cactus Springs Temple.

RamaNavami MONDAY
April 15th

6:30 - 7:15AM: Breakfast
7:15 AM: SHUTTLES Depart from Francis & Clare
8:00 AM: Commence Desert Walk

12:00 - 1:00 PM: Lunch on Roadway

4:30 PM: Arrive @ Lee Canyon Road (Hwy 156 Mile Post 106)

5:30 PM: Dinner

All SPWalkers are welcome to camp out at Hwy 156 junction (at least 100 feet away from US 95). Sleeping arrangements are cozy. Folks with personal cars are welcome to stay with the SPW and welcome to park at the Cactus Springs Temple.

April 16th

7:00 - 8:00AM: Breakfast
8:00 AM Walking from Lee Canyon Road (Hwy 156, Mile Post 106) to Goddess Temple (17 miles from Lee Canyon Exit)

12:00 - 1:00 PM: lunch on roadway

4:30 PM: Arrive @ Temple.

5:30 PM: Dinner

6:30 PM: Legal DiscussionSekhmet Ceremony in Temple.

Once we reach Creech AFB, the Walkers can either continue on for 3 more miles to the Goddess Temple, or walk that stretch the next day.

Lunch and Dinner are timed in sync with the Walk.

Most people will bed down in the Guest Trailer or a tent at the Temple of Goddess Spirituality in Cactus Springs. Folks with personal cars may choose to stay in Cactus Springs, and welcome to create alternate arrangements too. Folks with personal cars are welcome to leave their vehicles at the Temple parking lot near the Guest Trailer.

April 17th

6:30 - 8:00 AM: Peace Vigil at Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs, Nevada

8:30 AM: Breakfast at the Sekhmet Temple guest trailer.

9:30 - 10:30 AM: Prayer and Contemplation.
12:00 - 1:00PM: Lunch at the Guest Trailer.

2:30 - 3:30 PM: Peace Vigil at Creech AFB.

4:00 - 5:00 PM: Prayer and Contemplation.

5:30 PM: Dinner at the Guest Trailer.

Wednesday is a day of reflection at the Goddess Temple punctuated by peace vigils at Creech Air Force Base in the morning and afternoon.

Again, most people will use a couch or a bed in the Guest Trailer or a tent at the Temple of Goddess Spirituality. People can either walk this short stretch of highway several times, or shuttle in cars to and from the Creech vigils, or remain at the Temple. Folks with personal cars are welcome to help shuttle SPWalkers between Cactus & Indian Springs, and also welcome to leave their vehicles at the Temple parking lot near the Guest Trailer.

April 18th

7:00 AM: Breakfast at the Guest Trailer.

8:00 AM: Walk from Cactus Springs to Peace Camp (15 miles)
12:00-1:00 PM: Lunch

4:30-5:00 PM (approx.): Arrival at Peace Camp Welcoming Ritual

5:30 PM: Dinner

The historic Peace Camp is on the south side of US 95 at the Mercury exit; across from Mercury, just 5 miles beyond Nye Co. line). Most people will set up tents and camp across the highway from Mercury.

Folks with personal cars drive their cars to the Peace Camp at 8:00 AM, and shuttle back to rejoin the Walk.

April 19th

(around 5am) Sunrise Ceremony with Johnnie Bobb, Western Shoshone Spirtual person and Chief of the Western Shoshone National Council.

5:00 - 6:30 AM: Sunrise Ceremony in Willow circle
6:30-7:30 AM: Breakfast at Peace Camp

7:30 AM: Walk to Culvert-Tunnels

9:00 AM: Walk to main gate and ritual resistance/line-crossing @ NNSS

10:00 AM: Lunch

11:00 AM: SPW Closing Ceremony

Cars will depart at 12:00 PM from Peace Camp, towards Clark County.

5:30 PM: Dinner at Francis & Clare

Contact for questions: Robert Majors 702-742-3101

Las Vegas Catholic Worker: 500 W Van Buren Ave LV NV 89104
Francis and Clare: 1420 W Bartlett Ave LV NV 89106
Goddess Temple: West of 95 at Cactus Springs NV
Peace Camp: West of 95 at Mercury NV
Full Moon is on Saturday, 31 March 2018 in Europe @ 02:36:54 pm

The Las Vegas Catholic Worker is a major supporter of NDE's Sacred Peace Walk.

*For events at gate to NNSS: Exit US-95 at Mercury (about 5 miles into Nye County from Clark Co.), drivers should pull over to the right shoulder before crossing the line at the entrance of the Nevada National Security Site, ensuring no fast drivers are coming off the same offramp, then safely make a U-turn and drive back towards the freeway onramps. Just before the first onramp (the one leading away from Vegas), drive downhill off-road into the small parking area. Additional parking is available if you miss that turn, by continuing uphill on the pavement and under the freeway. Just make sure you pull off into the large dirt & gravel parking area on the right, just before accidentally making the uphill curve back onto the Vegas-bound freeway onramp.

Be prepared for a variety of temperatures and weather conditions. It usually rains at some point during such pilgrimages (but only for less than a day in this Great Basin Desert).

hiking boots
rain gear
sleeping bag
durable water bottle
first aid including "moleskin" for walking blisters
hat(s): brims-good against sun / straps-good against wind / stocking caps-good against cold
trail mix and other snacks you'll need and that you'd like to share (though we'll have some too)
cup, utensils, plate (some plasticware is available, if you have issues eating hot food in plastic, bring your own bowl & mug)

Driving Directions to Peace Camp:
Take Hwy 95 North out of Las Vegas. 65 miles out of town you will see the Mercury exit (after Indian Springs and Cactus Springs). Take the Mercury exit, then, as soon as you can, make a U-turn and drive under the freeway, to the south (if you don't make the U-turn, you will instead come to the legal boundary of the Nevada Nuclear Security Site).

The Catholic Worker is @
500 W Van Buren Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 647-0728 -- Map

Nevada Desert Experience is @
1420 W Bartlett Ave, LV, NV 89106 (702) 646-4814 -- Map

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