April 9 - 14

Sacred Peace Walk

Upcoming Sacred Peace Walk: April 9 - 14, 2022

Subject to change

Saturday, April 9
Welcome and orientation at Kyle Canyon
Nonviolence training
Virtual campfire
Camp at Kyle Canyon

Sunday, April 10
Walk from Kyle Canyon Rd. to Lee Canyon Rd.
Shuttle to Goddess Temple
Virtual campfire
Camp at Goddess Temple

Monday, April 11
Morning vigil at Creech AFB
Shuttle from Creech AFB to Lee Canyon Rd.
Walk from Lee Canyon Rd. to Goddess Temple
Virtual campfire
Camp at Goddess Temple

Tuesday, April 12
Rest Day and Workshops at Goddess Temple
Afternoon vigil at Creech AFB
Virtual campfire
Camp at Goddess Temple

Wednesday, April 13
Walk to Peace Camp
Peace Camp ceremony
Virtual campfire
Camp at Peace Camp

Thursday, April 14
Sunrise ceremony at Peace Camp
Vigil/Event at NNSS
Shuttles to Goddess Temple/Las Vegas


Tell your friends/family/facebook "friends" you are coming
Contact your local media; let them know you are doing this!
Pack/bring a sleeping bag & tent to sleep in
Pack/bring raingear
Make sure you walk at least 3 miles per day NOW if you wish to walk >3/day in Nevada
Pack/bring a water bottle to carry while you walk, and any medications/dietary supplements you need

Read about recent changes in trespass prosecution policy at the Nevada Nuclear Security Site:
After three decades, trespass prosecutions resume at Nevada nuclear test site
Come to Nevada - Walk for Peace, Resist Nuclear Weapons, Stand for Indigenous People’s Rights and Fill the Jails!

Be prepared for a variety of temperatures and weather conditions. It usually rains at some point during such pilgrimages (but only for less than a day in this Great Basin Desert).

hiking boots
rain gear
sleeping bag
durable water bottle
first aid including "moleskin" for walking blisters
hat(s): brims-good against sun / straps-good against wind / stocking caps-good against cold
trail mix and other snacks you'll need and that you'd like to share (though we'll have some too)
cup, utensils, plate (some plasticware is available, if you have issues eating hot food in plastic, bring your own bowl & mug)

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